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Our mission is to help clients have peace, love, and harmony in their lives.
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Welcome to Peace Lov Harmony Counseling

We offer a wide range of counseling services in-person, telehealth, and video counseling.

Our counselors strive to help clients identify what’s not working in their lives while managing life’s transitions with an assertive and courageous spirit. We are passionate about helping our adult and adolescent clients realize that they are true survivors in life’s journeys which include up and downs, good and bad days, unpredictable changes, challenges, low valleys, and tall mountains. Each counselor has had great people in their lives when these times came, but we realize everyone doesn’t have the same type of support system. Well, we would be happy to be a member of your support system.

Our Therapeutic Approach

We believe that everyone has the ability to grow and make necessary changes in their lives. As your therapist, our role is to guide and support you along your journey as well as provide you with the skills to grow and make the necessary changes to overcome life challenges. We aim to create a safe, non-judgmental space where together we can tackle the issues that hold you back from living the life you want to live. We use a variety of therapy methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution Focused Therapy, just to name a few.

Counseling isn’t about seeing someone who will tell you what to do to make it all better. Instead, we will help you:


Come to your own conclusions about what to do with your life​.


Get to know and understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


Set specific goals related to the changes you want or even need to make.

When you understand and get to know more about yourself first, then you can move forward with making change happen in your life. You can also begin to resolve past hurts and meet life’s everyday challenges with confidence.


We provide counseling services to individuals, families, and couples. These services are provided to adults and adolescents.

We help in the following areas of concern:


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We treat depressive disorders at Peace Lov Harmony Counseling. Depression can be a symptom or disorder. Depression can feel like your life has literally been stolen from you.  Learn more


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We all have difficulty with relationships, we wouldn’t be human if we did not. We help with relationship issues at Peace Lov Harmony Counseling. Whether it is difficulty with codependence, marital problems, family conflicts, divorce/co-parenting, premarital counseling, parent and child relationships, life transitions, work relationships, and dating issues.  Learn more


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We treat anxiety disorders at Peace Lov Harmony Counseling. Anxiety is a normal reaction to anything that might be threatening to a person’s lifestyle, values, self, or loved ones.  Learn more


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We help with anger at Peace Lov Harmony Counseling. Anger management therapy is used to help you with anger issues. Uncontrollable anger may lead to harmful psychological and physical conditions if untreated.  Learn more


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We help with self-esteem issues at Peace Lov Harmony Counseling. Low self-esteem causes you to feel insignificant, unworthy of love, like a burden to others, or unsure that you can be successful in life.  Learn more

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